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10th International Specialized Exhibition of plastics processing,  Conference, Contest
September 28 ? October 1, 2009
Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds pav.3

Organizers:  Maxima JSC       Expocentre JSC

Subject of the Exhibition:
• machinery and equipment
• moulding tools and accessories
• polymeric materials
• synthetic resins
• raw and auxiliary materials (catalysts, stabilizers,   modifying, foaming and filling agents, pigments)
• glass reinforced plastics
• ecology friendly processing technologies
• polymers recycling
• semi-finished and finished goods, including goods made of recycled materials
• measuring and control equipment
• packading: materials and equipment
Official Support:
• Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
• The Government of Moscow
• Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry
• The Russian Chemical Union
Under assistance:
• Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation
• Federal Agency on Industry
• Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology
• CIS Intergovernmental Council for Cooperation in the Field of Chemistry and Petrochemistry
• Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society
• Association of organizations of Moscow chemical complex
• Roschimprofsoyuz

9th International Exhibition of raw materials, equipment and technology for plastics «Plastics Industry Show-2008» took place in Moscow October 27-30, 2008.

The market of plastics is experiencing a continuous growth. Recent development of construction, packaging and automobile industries as well as other industries in many regions leads to constantly increasing demand on plastic production. «Plastics Industry Show-2008» provided a great opportunity to obtain an overview of innovative technologies in plastics industry. This year the exhibition was visited by more than five thousand people. Exhibitors noted that the majority of visitors were specialists in polymer industry and related sectors, as a result many contracts and deals were concluded directly at the exhibition.

Such leaders of domestic and foreign markets like Belneftehimros, Group Poliplastik, Plastavtomatik, Promplast Industry, Bayer, Cybertech, Haitian, Piovan, the Association of Italian manufacturers of plastic and rubber Assocomaplast were among manufacturers that presented innovational materials and technologies this year. All in all, the exhibition was attended by 151 companies from 11 countries. More than 30 manufacturers from China and Taiwan, participating in the exhibition, expressed great satisfaction from the Exhibition.

A wide range of equipment deserved attention of visitors. Italian manufacturers showed latest development in software for production management, as well as a robot manipulator for the molding machine. Domestic producers demonstrated fully automatic high speed bag making machine. The exhibition also presented a number of high efficient extruders and plastic injection molding machines. All exhibitors point out that the main trend nowadays is decreasing electricity, labor and others costs. So economical methods of manufacturing as well as plastic waste recycling technologies were topical this year.

As a part of the exhibition business program an Expanded Meeting of the Russian Chemists Union, chaired by Mr. Ivanov was held on the first day of the exhibition. The Meeting was devoted to the topic «Problems and ways of creation of chemical production waste processing complexes».

Ecology theme was also discussed at the scientific and practical conference «Environmental Issues of Plastics Production, Use and Disposal». The reports on the regulation of waste management, the new legislation in the EU and its relation to the Russian producers of plastics and many other organizational, technical and environmental issues were presented. Participants noted that a variety of approaches to the coverage of topics arose undeniable interest and provided an opportunity to address the problem from different angles.

Special attention should be paid to the 6th international contest «The best industrial polymer materials and products made of them -2008». Gold medals were awarded to the samples of raw materials and equipment provided by companies: Hiatian, Nazarov Systems, Gamma-layer Spetssantehnika.

The exhibition was organized by P&I JSC «MAXIMA» with the official support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Russian Chemists Union, the Government of Moscow and Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the assistance of «Expocentre», Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Industry, Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology and other governmental and public organisations. Exhibition awarded marks of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RSVYA) and the Guild of MCCI exhibition and fair organizations.

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